Apparel and garment manufacturer in Sri Lanka. We specialize in ladies wear, from the highest and latest in fashion (both in fabric and style) to the budget buyer; from dresses, blouses, skirts, unlined blazers and pants to lingerie and evening wear. Quality Apparel and Garment manufacturer in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka as your garment manufacturing centre
Sri Lanka is a vibrant country of 22 million people; rich in its diversity of culture, race, language and religion. The island has an abundance of natural resources, fauna and flora, mountains, rivers and beautiful beaches. It is located at the crossroads where East meets West and is regarded as the gateway to South Asia.

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A stitch in time is halved (!) not by accident but by design at the technologically savvy floors of Sanchia. This is what we are renowned for: ground breaking technology coupled with the unmatched, consistent quality that Sri Lanka is reputed for.
From dresses, blouses, skirts to unlined blazers and evening wear, our merchandise is for the high-street using hi-tech fabrics and the most intricate designs.

Flexibility, quick response, design capacity and experience to name a few. But we do not have to elaborate on these qualities.

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360° View of our production facility
Fabric cutting machine at Sanchia Garments Sri Lanka Garment design room at Sanchia Garments Sri Lanka
Lectra CADCAM unit at Sanchia Garments Sri Lanka Sanchia office
State of the art production floor of Sanchia Garments Sri Lanka
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