Trust and Stability

The Sanchia factory has been in continuous operation for over eighteen years in Sri Lanka and has gained the trust and confidence of longstanding apparel buyers from Europe, USA, Australia and emerging markets as an extremely reliable and competitive supplier of specialised ladies garments.

The Sanchia factory production floor and related departments occupy an area of over sixteen thousand five hundred square feet. The plant and machinery have been regularly upgraded to include cutting edge technology on the production floor and design departments with machinery from top rated manufacturers such as Juki, Pfaff, Pegasus, Jack, Kingtex, Treasure, and Yamato. A Lectra CAD/CAM automated design and patternmaking unit helps meet the sophisticated needs of buyers.

The Sanchia factory is a Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) approved factory that meets the strict stipulations of this act. The factory is compliant with social compliance audit requirements of major buyers.

Production Capacity

The Sanchia factory is able to meet high volume production runs that are often required by buyers. The production floor remains nimble and able to quickly adjust to changing production needs. The average production capacity exceeds seventy-five thousand pieces per month.

The Sanchia production planning and management teams are fully geared to meet buyer expectations and delivery schedules.

Experienced Workforce

The technical staff at the Sanchia factory, in addition to being highly skilled and motivated are also long standing employees of the company.

The personal integrity and dedication to the job at hand of the different production teams have been regularly referred to by buyers and is of special pride to the management team at Sanchia.

Sample Room

The Sanchia office sample room is a specialised unit that can aid the buyer with all requirements of apparel samples encompassing pattern making, grading, marker making, fabric cutting, sewing, packing, and delivery. We are able to quickly source specialised materials locally and from overseas to produce one single prominent garment or a hundred and at the same time meet critical delivery constraints.

The Sanchia sample room is specialised for high fashion ladies wear including evening wear, special occasion wear, dresses, blouses, skirts, blazers, pants and lingerie using high tech fabrics and intricate designs. Our sample room staff have won many accolades from buyers for delivering exceptional results under difficult circumstances.

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Core Expertise

The Sanchia office provides specialised services required by apparel buyers to successfully meet all critical points associated with apparel order processing. Once the order is formally placed with us, our skilled staff will coordinate all activities to meet tight deadlines and keep the buyer regularly updated with order progress reports.

Accurate garment costing, selecting suitable suppliers, sample production, production planning, order monitoring and shipping functions are all attended to with urgency.

Solid Teamwork

The Sanchia office consists of a staff count of over eighty specialised and focused individuals working as one entity, bringing forth their skills to successfully meet all challenges associated with timely order processing. Our team always prioritizes buyer needs and will advise the buyer on the best course of action taking into account time, cost and other considerations.

The trust and faith of our buyer relationships is highlighted by the continuation of business long after a successful shipment to include preplanning preparation for the following season.